Séminaire de Mécanique d'Orsay

Le Jeudi 10 mars 2022 à 14h00 - Salle de conférences du LIMSI Bât. 507

Statistical Simulation in turbulent fluids and plasmas

Steve Tobias
Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics

In many situations of interest turbulent dynamics interacts with mean flows, mean magnetic fields or rotation - this usually makes the dynamics both inhomogeneous and anisotropic. In those circumstances progress can often be made by employing quasilinear approximations and developing equivalent statistical theories. In this talk I will demonstrate the utility of such approaches using models of the joint MHD instability in the solar tachocline and the driving of zonal flows. I will conclude by speculating on how these techniques can be extended to provide self-consistent, efficient sub-grid models of turbulent processes.

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